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can debt collectors or bank have chance to find person outside uk?

if you leave country and stop pay loan, they have chance to find you?And will be it worth it if it less then 4000?

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5 Responses to “can debt collectors or bank have chance to find person outside uk?”

  1. Experian Agent. says:

    UK Only Hello,i work for Experian Credit Ref Agency. In 2003 the tracing of debtors overseas Act came into force. I can not tell you how but be assured from 2003,New regulations were brought in,they will find you Trust me on this one !! It may seem appealing to move abroad to escape UK debts, the person in debt can run but they can’t always hide. Creditors have been known to stop chasing those they can’t find, however moving abroad doesn’t always mean they can’t find the debtor. Creditors use the following tactics to trace debtors, talking to neighbours at their debtor’s last known address and tracing their activity through using cash. In some cases creditors have relations with other credit companies in that country, making it easier for them to find you. Once the creditor knows which country you are in, they can trace you relatively quickly and start pursuing you for the debt. So it may seem a good idea to move abroad and leave your debts behind, but the creditors can and probably will find you and demand the debt is repaid. You should ideally establish a repayment agreement with the creditors before leaving the UK. There are many options to clear your debt, even if you no longer live in the UK, for example bankruptcy, IVAs or DMPs Trust me they WILL get you,i update reports everyday of people who have been,found !!

  2. kelbabez says:

    yes they can and will….

  3. greatbrickhill says:

    YES. I’ve done it with a Nigerian Student who owed £300. I wrote to the Chief of Police in Lagos. I did not know the students address but they found him. He came into the Office 15 months later (that is in the UK) and produced a book of American Express Trav Chqs to clear the debt. That proved to me that the Nigerian Police were good at their job and knew how to hunt a man down

  4. oldgit says:

    They can try try to find you but it’ll cost them money if they do. They’ll look at the size of your debt, the cost of tracing you and your income etc. As to actually getting you to pay, that’s another matter! The previous poster who had the Nigerian police send back a debtor to pay up is unique in my experience. As an ex office-based debt collector, I certainly wouldn’t write off your debt, but I wouldn’t put good money after bad chasing you. I’d just wait & see if you surfaced in this country again.

  5. Frank Castle says:

    If you cross a border for good and you have debts then you become an International Criminal and your name will be added to the Interpol database. You will be arrested and deported back to the United Kingdom.

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